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Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL Exam

Published on Saturday, May 21, 2016
1. The minimum age to qualify for membership of the Rajya Sabha is
a) 21 years
b) 25 years
c) 30 years
d) 35 years

2. State Assembly elections are conducted by the
a) Chief Secretary of the State concerned
b) Chief Election Commissioner
c) Governor of the State concerned
d) Chief Minister of the State concerned
3. A minister, who is not a member of the State Legislative Assembly, is required to secure the people's verdict in his favour in a by-election within
a) two months
b) three months
c) six months
d) one year
4. How long can one, under our Constitution, remain a Prime Minister, even without being a member of either House of Parliament
a) three months
b) six months
c) nine months
d) one year
5. The Vice - President is a member of
a) the Rajya Sabha
b) the Lok Sabha
c) neither House
d) both
6. The authority to dissolve a State Legislative Assembly is vested in the
a) Chief Minister of the State
b) Speaker of the State Assembly
c) President of India
d) Governor of the State
7. Which among the following countries has a Presidential form of Government?
a) India
b) United Kingdom
c) USA
d) Switzerland
8. The term of office of the Chief Election Commissioner is ______  years
a) four
b) five
c) six
d) three
9. In a Constitutional Monarchy, the real power is enjoyed by the
a) King
b) Council of Ministers
c) Majority Party
d) Electorate
10. The concept of Constitution first originated in
a) Britain
b) Japan
c) USA
d) Switzerland


1. c) 30 years
2. b) Chief Election Commissioner
3. c) six months
4. b) six months
5. c) neither House
6. d) Governor of the State
7. c) USA
8. c) six
9. b) Council of Ministers
10. c) USA


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