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Spot Grammatical Errors for SBI PO Prelims Exam

Published on Monday, May 30, 2016


Read each of hte following sentences to find out if there is any error in it. Error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence, i.e. in (A), (B), (C), or (D) which you have to indicate. If there is no error, mark (E).

1. The nation (A)/ heave a sigh (B)/ of relief (C)/ when monsoon arrives. (D)/ No error. (E)

2. Of the two men (A)/ in the office (B)/ the fat one is elder (C)/ to the thin one. (D)/ No error.(E)

3. The girl (A)/ advised her brother (B)/ to work hard lest (C)/ he may fail. (D) No error. (E)

4. Scarcely had (A). we reached the station (B)/ when the train (C)/ arrived. (D)/ No error. (E)

5. The teacher told (A)/ the students (B) that the earth went (C)/ round the sun. (D)/ No error. (E)

6. He behaves (A)/ as if (B)/ he was the chief (C)/ of the organisation. (D)/ No error. (E)

7. You will not (A)/ be successful (B)/ until you will not (C)/ give up this bad habit. (D)/ No error.(E)

8. Both India (A)/ as well as Russia (B) are participating (C)/ In the games. (D)/ No error. (E)

9. The child (A)/ as well as his parents (B)/ were killed in (C)/ the accident , (D) No error. (E)

10. No sooner (A)/ did the dog (B)/ see the lion (C)/ when it jumped. (D)/ No error. (E)

11. Students as well as (A)/ the teacher (B)/ were present (C)/ for the show . (D)/ No error. (E)

12. India broke (A)/ all previous records (B)/ during this year's (C)/ cricket match. (D)/ No error. (E)

13. It s known fact (A)/ that the English (B) is an (C)/ international language. (D) No error.(E)

14. These facilities (A)/ are meant for (B)/ a M.P or a minister (C)/ o this country. (D)/ No error . (E)

 15. Summer of last year (A)/ was very hot (B)/ compared with (C)/ this year's . (D) No error. (E)


1. (B) Write heaves instead of heave in part (B). Nation is a singular noun, so, the verb used will also be singular. In the simple present tense, the singular of a verb is obtained by adding s to it. So, have becomes heaves.

2. (C) Change elder into older in part (C). Elder is used while talking of two persons related blood. But in this sentence, the persons are not related, but working in the same office. So, older will used.

3. (D) Write should instead of may in part (D). Lest is always followed by should.

4. (E) No error.

5. (C) Write goes instead of went in part (C). According to the rules of grammar, if hte reporting verb is in the past tense, the reported speech will also be in the past tense. But if the reported speech contains some geographical, historical or universal fact, etc... it will be in present tense. The reported speech of the given sentence has a geographical truth i.e., the earth goes round the sun. So it will be in present tense.

6. (C) Change was into were in part (C). Although the subject here is singular, the verb will be plural When a sentence conveys a condition in the past tense through the phrase as if, hte verb is in hte tense form irrespective of the nature of the subject.

7. (C) remove will not from part (C). Until is negative in nature. As such, will not cannot be used with it.

8. (B) Remove as well as from part (B) and write and in its place, Both and as well as cannot be used together in a sentence as they both convey the same meaning.

9. (C) Write was in place of were in part (C). According to the rules of grammar, the verb in  Sentence, having two subjects joined by as well as should agree with the first subject.

10. (D) Write than in place of when in part (D). No sooner is always followed by than and not when.

11. (E) No error.

12. (B) Remove previous from part (B). Records in itself conveys the sense of past achievements here. So previous is not required.

13. (B) Delete the from part (B). English being the name. of a language, the definite article the will not be used before it.

14. (C) Write an M.P.  instead of a M.P. in part (C). if a word begins with a consonant but its used before it.

15. (A) Add The before Summer in part (A). Here, we are talking of a particular summer and not of summers in general, so, the will be used before it.


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