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Spot Grammatical Errors - Important for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Friday, May 27, 2016
spot errors
1. Will you lend me few rupees in this hour of need?
a. Lend me a few rupees
b. Lend me any rupees
c. Borrow me a few rupees
d. No improvement

2. The orphans have been clamouring for nutritious food from the past two weeks.
a. For the past
b. Since the past
c. For past
d. No improvement

3. I complimented him for his success in the examination.
a. At
b. On
c. About
d. No improvement

4. My elder sister and her daughter helps me in my domestic work.
a. Help me about
b. Help me in
c. Helps me for
d. Helped me about
e. No correction required

5. The assistant was asked that why he was generally late.
a. Why he was
b. Why that he was
c. Why was he 
d. That why he had required
e. No correction required

6. He should not had done it.
a. Should have
b. Should not have
c. Should had not
d. Had not
e. No correction required

7. I shall not go until I am invited.
a. Unless I am invited
b. Till I am invited
c. If not I am invited
d. No improvement

8. I waited for half an hour for my friend, but he didn't turn in.
a. Turn up
b. Turn around
c. Turn about
d. No improvement

9. I am looking forward to see you soon.
a. Looking forward to seeing
b. Looking forward for seeing
c. Looking forward towards seeing
d. No improvement

10. Due to these reasons we are in favour of universal compulsary education.
a. Out of these reasons
b. For these reasons
c. By these reasons
d. NO improvement

11. Anybody would like assist your for improvement in the work.
a. Like to assist you
b. Like assist to you
c. You like to assist
d. No correction required

12. I must study my books today as I have to give an examination tomorrow.
a. As I have to take
b. Since I have to give
c. For I have to give
d. No improvement.

13. It was indeed a stock for her, but she has later recovered from it.
a. Then
b. Since
c. Afterwards
d. No improvement.

14. When we saw him last, he ran to catch a bus.
a. Had run
b. Has run
c. Was running
d. No improvement

15. Please remind me of posting these letters of my relatives.
a. By posting
b. To post
c. For posting
d. No improvement

16. Not till he got home he did realise that he had lost his keys in the theatre.
a. He realised
b. He did not realise
c. Did he realise
d. No improvement

17. Can you tell why did you not speak the truth?
a. Why you did not speak
b. That why did you not speak
c. Why did not you speak
d. Why did you not spoke
e. No improvement

18. You must accustom yourself with new ideas.
a. Accustom yourself to
b. Accustom to
c. Accustomed with
d. No improvement

19. I asked him that why he is so lazy.
a. That why is he
b. Why he was
c. Why is he
d. No improvement

20. Whenever my students come across new words, I ask them to look for them in hte dictionary.
a. To look them up
b. To look it up
c. To look at them
d. No improvement
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