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Static GK Quiz for SSC and Railways - Part 28

Published on Thursday, May 05, 2016
Ques 1.
Which one of the following  symptoms of nutritional deficiency disorders is specific to Vitamin C  deficiency ?
(a) Cracks on lips
(b) Spongy bleeding gums
(c) Pale conjunctivae
(d) Rashes on skin

Ques 2.
The first Europeans, in modern times, to enter into trade relations with India were the 
(a) Dutch
(b) Portuguese
(c) French
(d) British

Ques 3.
The Vedic god Puranadara was the same as
(a) Varuna
(b) Indra
(c) Yama
(d) Rudra

Ques 4.
The decision to form INA ( Azad Hind Fauj) Was taken at
(a) Tokyo
(b) Bangkok
(c) Rangoon
(d) Calcutta

Ques 5.
Who was the first Indian to have entered the Indian Civil Service ?
(a) Satyendra Nath Tagore
(b) C.C. Desai
(c) S.N. Banerjee
'(d) Subhash  Chandra Bose

Ques 6.
The Maratha and the Kesari were the  newspapers published by Lokmanya Tilak to awaken the people .In which language was the Maratha published ?
(a) Marathi
(b) Gujarati
(c) Hindi
(d) English

Ques 7.
Antacids are found in medicines that cure
(a) eyesight
(b) stomachache
(c) pimpus
(d) headache

Ques 8.
The constituent Assembly set up to prepare  a draft on the Constitution of free India was chaired by
(a) Dr.  Rajendra  Prasad
(b) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru
(d) C.Rajagopalachari

Ques 9.
With which form dance was Mrinalini Sarabhai Associated ?
(a) Kathak
(b) Katahkali
(c) Bahartanatyam
(d) Kuchipudi

Ques 10.
The first to implement the concept of planned economy  was
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Joseph Stalin
(c) Marshal Tito
(d) Mao Ze Dong

Ques 11.
Which spacecraft first landed on the Moon ?
(a) Apollo 10
(b) Apollo 11
(c) Sputnik
(d) Apollo 13

Ques 12.
In India , partyless Democracy  was first advocated by
(a) Jayprakash Narayan
(b) M.N.Roy
(c) Vinoda  Bhave
(d) Mahatama Gandhi

Ques 13.
The proivision of providing identify  cards to voters has been made in 
(a) the Constitution of India
(b) the Representation of the people Act., 1958
(c) the Election Laws ( Amendment ) Act. 1975
(d) the criminal and Election Laws ( Amendment) Act, 1969 

Ques 14.
Which is the biggest  fresh water lake in the world ?
(a) Chilka Lake
(b) Caspian lake
(c) Dal Lake
(d) Lake Superior

Ques 15.
The process of union of two  or more molecules of a susbtance  to form a large single molecule is called :
(a)  Fusion
(b) Diffusion
(c) Polymerisation
(d) Synthesis

Ques 16.
Which one of the following has most corrosive effect ?
(a) Air 
(b) Carbon dioxide
(c) Plants
(d) Water

Ques 17.
Who has said," Child is the Father of man" ?
(a) Shakespeare
(b) Wordsworth
(c) Keats
(d) Bacon

Ques 18.
Among the four  dynasties listed below, which one minted coins made of lead ?\
(a) Mauryas
(b) Satavahanas
(c) Western Kashatrapas
(d) Guptas

Ques 19.
What is the meaning of the term "tour de force ' ?
(a) tour of the armed forces 
(b) forceful tour
(c) a feat of strength
(d) None of these

Ques 20.
By which amendment of the Constitution of India were privy purses and pribileges of  princes abolished ?
(a) 25th
(b) 26th
(c) 27th
(d) 28th

Ques 21.
Which one of the following is not radioactive ?
(a) Tritium
(b) Astatine
(c) Zirconium
(d) Francium


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