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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 36) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Sunday, May 01, 2016


Definition to state officially that something is no longer legally valid
Usage The new rule book was welcomed by all as it annulled all the older rules which were neither significant nor beneficial.


Definition having very strong feelings about something and acting in an unacceptable way violent or extreme
Usage Police arrived in force to quell the riot set off by rabid soccer fans.


Definition 1) to show something clearly, especially a feeling, an attitude, or a quality
2) to appear or become noticeable
Usage Their sadness was manifest in their faces.


Definition becoming or making something less advanced | having less effect on the rich than on the poor
Usage The boys were suddenly regressed when their team lost.


Definition Division into two branches, parts, or aspects. Point at which division occurs.
Usage A divisive issue that caused the bifurcation of the political party


Definition showing sexual desire and love toward someone
Usage She is the object of his amorous intentions.


Definition a sudden disaster or a violent event that causes change, for example a flood or a war
Usage The country barely survived the cataclysm of war.


Definition to break a promise, an agreement, etc.
Usage She reneged on her promise to buy her son a bike


Definition in a very bad condition and needing repair | badly organized or designed and not likely to last very long
Usage "ramshackle set of buildings'


Definition to do something harmful to someone because they have harmed you first
Usage " need to take action before the enemy retaliates"


Definition to do something that is allowed by a law or rule
Usage The overcrowded dance club contravened safety regulations


Definition suspicious or careful about something or someone, and trying to avoid doing it or dealing with them
Usage She hesitated stepping into the friendly crowd because she was leery of strangers.


Definition very careful to notice any signs of danger or trouble
Usage The vigilant police officer noticed the robber sneaking into the jewelry store.


Definition:  1) covering a large area; great in amount
2) including or dealing with a wide range of information
Usage The blast caused extensive damage.


Definition to change frequently in size, amount, quality, etc., especially from one extreme to another
Usage Body temperatures can fluctuate when you are ill.

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