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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 39) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Definition to increase something in strength, especially sound
2) to add details to a story, statement, etc.
Usage Gabe used a special microphone for amplification.


Definition to state officially in a religious ceremony that something is holy and can be used for religious purposes
2) (in Christian belief) to make bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ
3) to give something or someone/yourself to a special purpose, especially a religious one
Usage The church was consecrated in 1234.


Definition  the stopping of something; a pause in something
Usage  The cessation of the snowstorm was a relief


Definition very cheerful and friendly
Usage The audience was in a jovial mood.


Definition to say or write unpleasant things about someone or something so that other people will have a low opinion of them
Usage He was vilified in the press for his comments


Definition 1) to reduce the speed at which something, especially a vehicle, is traveling
2) to become or make something become slower
Usage The driver kept accelerating and decelerating


Definition 1) a movement away from a place or an enemy because of danger or defeat
2) an act of trying to escape from a particular situation to one that you think is safer or more pleasant 3) an act of changing a decision because of criticism or because a situation
4) a quiet, private place that you go to in order to get away from your usual life
5) a period of time when someone stops their usual activities and goes to a quiet place for prayer, thought, etc.; an organized event when people can do this
Usage That one aircraft bombed an entire hospital into oblivion.


Definition very unpleasant; causing strong dislike
Usage I found the pictures repellent


Definition stopping and starting often over a period of time, but not regularly
Usage During the summer there are intermittent dust storms in the desert.


Definition 1) to give someone or something authority, status, or a particular type of treatment
2) to agree with or match something
Usage We ensure that our goods accord with modern standards.


Definition 1) familiar with something, having read, seen, or experienced it
2) not close friends with someone, but having met a few times before
Usage Employees should be fully acquainted with emergency procedures.


Definition quiet
Usage The storm was over and the quiescent waters looked like glass


Definition to remove or leave out parts of a piece of writing or a conversation when printing or reporting it, because you think those parts could offend people.
Usage Though it is important for school children to be exposed to history it is possible that some events might have a negative impact on their young minds. It is better to carefully expurgate such details before they are presented in textbooks.


Definition an exact copy of something
Usage A fax machine is another way of saying facsimile machine.


Definition the quality or state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable.
Usage The little girl's story of how she had a unicorn in her backyard was such an absurdity.

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