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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 40) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Thursday, May 05, 2016


Definition behaving in a very good and moral way
Usage The elementary school children were trying to be unusually virtuous in the hopes of getting presents for Christmas


Definition to form or think of (a plan, method, etc.)
2) to form or make (something) in a skillful or clever way
3) to make (something) happen in a clever way or with difficulty
Usage Somehow he contrived to pass her a note without her chaperon seeing it.


Definition 1) to say officially that someone or something has a particular character or name; to describe someone or something in a particular way
2) to choose or name someone for a particular job or position
3) to show something using a particular mark or sign
Usage The director is allowed to designate his or her successor


Definition a dead body, especially of a human
Usage The victim's corpse was pulled out of the river.


Definition 1) refusing to change your opinions, way of behaving, etc. when other people try to persuade you to; showing this
2) difficult to get rid of or deal with
Usage He proved too obstinate for me to handle and never complied with my orders.


Definition something that does not succeed, often in a way that causes embarrassment
Usage The dinner party was a fiasco the meat was a cinder and the dessert was bitter.


Definition belonging to the present or same time
Usage The senator was a contemporary of the late President.


Definition 1) a statement saying that you strongly believe something to be true
2) the act of stating, using, or claiming something strongly
Usage He was correct in his assertion that the senator had been lying.


Definition 1) connected with countries that unite to fight a war together, especially the countries that fought together against Germany in World Wars I and II
2) similar or existing together; connected with something
Usage Italy joined the war on the Allied side in 1915.


Definition not willing to give clear answers to a question
Usage The man had an evasive quality to him granting him the ability to escape the dectectives.


Definition to make something such as a bad situation, a belief, etc. continue for a long time
Usage They say laughter is the key medicine to perpetuate your life.


Definition very easy to see or notice
2) attracting attention by being great or impressive
Usage He was uncomfortable about his conspicuous weight gain.


Definition a person or thing that makes you feel better when you are unhappy or disappointed
Usage After her husband's death she found great consolation in her children.


Definition 1) firmly fixed; not likely to move, change, or fail
2) calm and reasonable; not easily upset
3) staying in the same chemical or atomic state
Usage They have a stable relationship.

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