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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 71) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Sunday, May 08, 2016


Definition 1) enjoyable, pleasing, or attractive
2) friendly and polite
Usage A very pleasant young man


Definition 1) to change direction or make something change direction, especially after hitting something
2) to succeed in preventing something from being directed toward you
3) to prevent someone from doing something that they are determined to do
Usage The blame was deflected from the chairman.


Definition the pleasant state of feeling lazy and without energy
Usage The emaciated beggar languorously plodded along the cobbled road in


Definition 1) to make something happen suddenly
2) to cause a device to start functioning
Usage Smoke triggered the fire alarm.


Definition a substance, for example penicillin, that can destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria, and cure infections
Usage The doctor put her on antibiotics


Definition 1) to happen or to make something happen faster or earlier than expected
2) to start to go faster
Usage Suddenly the car accelerated.


Definition 1) easy to bend without breaking
2) easy to influence or control
Usage His young queen was pliable and easily influenced.


Definition 1) to hang something from something else
2) to officially stop something for a time; to prevent something from being active, used, etc. for a time
3) to officially delay something; to arrange for something to happen later than planned.
4) to officially prevent someone from doing their job, going to school, etc. for a time
5) to float in liquid or air without moving
Usage He was suspended from the team for missing too many practices


Definition skillful with your hands; having or showing great skill or cleverness
Usage As people grow older they generally become less dexterous


Definition 1) a movement away from a place or an enemy because of danger or defeat
2) an act of trying to escape from a particular situation to one that you think is safer or more pleasant 3) an act of changing a decision because of criticism or because a situation
4) a quiet, private place that you go to in order to get away from your usual life
5) a period of time when someone stops their usual activities and goes to a quiet place for prayer, thought, etc.; an organized event when people can do this
Usage The burglar made a quick retreat when he heard the sirens in the distance.


Definition an opinion or idea that is not based on definite knowledge and is formed by guessing
Usage Most of the book is conjecture not fact.


Definition 1) not studying or looking at something thoroughly; seeing only what is obvious
2) appearing to be true, real, or important until you look at it more carefully
3) only affecting the surface and therefore not serious
4) not concerned with anything serious or important and lacking any depth of understanding or feeling
5) of or on the surface of something
Usage These superficial changes and solutions are not going to solve the real problem


Definition a collection of written or spoken texts ; a collection of poems, paintings, songs, etc.
Usage A corpus of 100 million words of spoken English


Definition 1) allowing you to see through it
2) allowing you to see the truth easily
3) easy to understand
Usage A sheet of transparent coloured plastic


Definition a very small person or thing or one that is weak in some way:
Usage The pygmies turned and danced in the air unloosing a cloud of stinging darts
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