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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 45) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Definition to add decoration to something
Usage The Egyptians ornamented their mirrors with carved handles of ivory


Definition to make the development or progress of something slower
Usage A shortage of nutrients and water will retard a plant's growth.


Definition having or showing hatred and a desire to harm someone or hurt their feelings
Usage The Internet is now a store of malicious softwares rather than the original ones.


Definition of many different kinds; having great variety
Usage Leonardo da Vinci's notebook reveals that he was a man of multifarious interests.


Definition to prevent someone from easily doing or achieving something
Usage It would hamper the runners if the refreshment station was too close to the road.


Definition to damage or spoil something good
Usage His face was marred by an old knife wound.


Definition 1) a person walking in the street and not traveling in a vehicle
2) without any imagination or excitement; dull
Usage His style is so pedestrian that the book is really boring


Definition to prevent something from happening
Usage Unable to stifle her anger the sculptor lashed out at her harshest critic.


Definition expressed clearly and in a few words
Usage She gave us a succinct demonstration of the plans.


Definition 1) very serious and important; giving you a reason to feel worried
2) serious in manner, as if something sad, important, or worrying has just happened
Usage Kim's mom had a grave expression on her face when she saw her report card.


Definition consisting of many different kinds of people or things
Usage The museum has a large and heterogeneous collection of Pacific artifacts.


Definition a religious person who lives apart from other people
Usage Many Christian saints were anchorites who detached themselves from the world to focus on their spirituality


Definition a wise and trusted guide and advisor
Usage The young man regarded is first boss as his mentor having advanced in his career through his boss's patient advice and guidance.


Definition 1) an illegal act
2) the act of upsetting or insulting someone
3) the members of a team whose main aim is to score points against the other team; a method of scoring points
Usage It is a criminal offence to sell goods which are unsafe.


Definition 1) to become, or to make someone or something become, conscious or healthy and strong again
2) to make something start being used or done again
3) to produce again a play, etc. that has not been performed for some time
Usage The success of the movie has revived her career.
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