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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 51) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Definition the range of the authority or influence of something
Usage The children are allowed to play anywhere within the ambit of the fenced area.


Definition a person who thinks that he or she is better than other people and who thinks and talks too much about himself or herself
Usage In his egotism he thought everyone was coming just to see him.


Definition a piece of written criticism of a set of ideas, a work of art, etc.
Usage He gave a harsh critique of the book


Definition to make a law, right, etc. respected or official, especially by stating it in an important written document
Usage The saint's bones were enshrined in the cathedral


Definition to make someone or something weak
Usage Life in the camp enfeebled him


Definition so light and fine that you can almost see through it
Usage The ballerina wore a long


Definition not used or cared for and in bad condition
Usage The escaped convict was found by the police in the nearby derelict house


Definition putting someone in a position that does not give them the respect that they should have
Usage She was given the most demeaning chores to do.


Definition a mixture of different things that are found all together
Usage a conglomeration of buildings all tightly packed together


Definition to behave in a particular way
Usage Francine's mother taught her how to properly comport in the company of strangers.


Definition a noisy and violent fight involving a group of people, usually in a public place
Usage Many chairs were broken when a brawl broke out in the saloon.


Definition a scene full of noise and confusion
Usage He is causing bedlam at the hotel.


Definition to make a decision about someone or something based on the facts that are available
Usage The company was adjudged bankrupt.


Definition to take the place of someone or something (especially someone or something older or less modern)
Usage Every time a new game console is released many people feel they need to supplant their old one.


Definition a fairly small amount, especially of something good or pleasant
Usage The students had only a modicum of interest in the history of that ancient country.
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