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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 70) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Thursday, May 19, 2016


Definition extremely pleasant to taste, smell, or look at | very attractive
Usage " delectable Miss Marple "


Definition that happens again and again
Usage The loss of innocence is a recurrent theme in his stories.


Definition done without skill, especially in a way that annoys or offends people
Usage His maladroit handling of valuable objects quickly led to his dismissal from his job at the museum.


Definition morally wrong and deserving criticism
Usage His conduct was thoroughly reprehensible.


Definition to make something more interesting or more fun
Usage Presidential candidates and protesters will enliven conference


Definition :to drink so that you no longer feel thirsty | to satisfy a desire
Usage They had to melt snow to slake their thirst.


Definition pleasant to spend time with because their interests and character are similar to your own ,pleasant because it suits your character,suitable for something.
Usage a congenial colleague.


Definition extremely unpleasant
Usage The crime committed was so odious that people stormed the prison.


Definition too important and respected to be changed, criticized, etc.
Usage The priest entered the sacrosanct chamber in the temple.


Definition tending to deprive of strength or vitality
Usage She found the constant stress to be enervating.


Definition the use of words to exchange thoughts and ideas | a long talk or piece of writing about a subject
Usage " a critical discourse on important issues"


Definition of, relating to, or similar to a fox
Usage A vulpine grin


Definition lasting a very long time and therefore boring or annoying
Usage He spoke for over an hour delivering what seemed like an interminable speech.


Definition having lost a relative or close friend who has recently died
Usage He visited the bereaved family to offer comfort.


Definition relating to trees; living in trees
Usage The apes are almost totally arboreal ; they live in the trees travel through the trees and eat fruit from the trees.
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