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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 53) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Friday, May 20, 2016


Definition characterized by lack of seriousness or sense
Usage  In her presence no one ever indulged in either frivolous remarks or risque conversation.


Definition to cause (someone) to feel a strong need or desire to do something
Usage Hunger impelled the boy to steal.


Definition Causing damage or harm; injurious
Usage I cannot understand this as I cannot see any detrimental effect on the carp.


Definition the strongest or most successful period of time | The highest point reached in the sky by the sun, moon, etc.
Usage The sun reaches its zenith at midday


Definition extremely unwilling to spend money
Usage Some of the richest people have the most parsimonious habits


Definition to make someone feel nervous and less confident about doing something
Usage The height of the mountain will daunt all but the most experienced climbers


Definition Choicest or the essential part of an idea or experience
Usage When surfing the internet for information one needs to segregate the superfluous from the pith.


Definition behavior or language that insults or shows a lack of respect for God or religion
Usage To speak even dispassionately about the merits of the enemy's claims was blasphemy to Duryodhana who treated his own rights as holy.


Definition Violent, quarrelsome
Usage The parents warned their child to stay away from the bully as his bellicose nature always created unfriendly and tense situations.


Definition Used frequently in casual talk or idea in turn
Usage You cannot hold a conversation with them unless you are able to bandy ideas on all topics as nothing is serious or sacrosanct in their vocabulary.


Definition Used of riotously drunken merrymaking
Usage The police took some effort to remove the bacchanalian crowd who were disturbing the party and ensure that peace was restored


Definition Make a comment on
Usage A promotional documentary was made to annotate the bigger message behind the film
which drew parallels between drama and real life.


Definition In a state of rage
Usage The sudden noise and fireworks caused the cattle to run amok and charge in all directions.


Definition Multiply wealth, assets, riches
Usage The young scion justified his ancestry when it came to business decisions and managed to aggrandize the company's profits considerably.


Definition Make reference to
Usage She thought he was none too sure of the issue as he adverted to his notes frequently.
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