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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 54) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Saturday, May 21, 2016


Definition Start of an era or age
Usage The advent of the IT era has brought about revolutionary changes in the Indian economy.


Definition Confuse, bewilder, rot
Usage It was the defense lawyer's strategy to addle the witness so that


Definition Possessed of keen insight
Usage The normally diffident executive surprised everyone when he spoke out with patently perspicacious perception of the complexity of the project.


Definition Accuse or charge one of fault, crime
Usage Perhaps due to the violent exterior of the accused the jury appeared ready to indict him even before even listening to the defense.


Definition Faintly sour or acid-like
Usage She never had any complimentary comment to make; they were always acidulous and sarcastic


Definition With the flavour of vinegar
Usage Finding that the biscuits had an acetic taste the baker realised that he had used vinegar instead of vanilla


Definition Be first to approach and speak
Usage She got extremely agitated when the salesman accosted her as she was window shopping and pressing product on her.


Definition the main or general meaning of a piece of writing, a speech, or a conversation
Usage I missed the beginning of the lecture-can you give me the gist of what he said?


Definition to drink something quickly and/or in large quantities
Usage The party seemed to go on forever with guests refusing to stop their revelry and continuing to swill themselves


Definition Decorated with small pieces of coloured glass or stone together
Usage  Each of the tessellated designs was unique in that while it used bits of stone and glass and was beautiful in a different way from the others.


Definition Nervous laugher
Usage Though she looked calm and poised at the meeting her constant titter gave away her nervousness at meeting the chairperson.


Definition A miserly person
Usage He is such a tightwad that he will have stale bread for lunch rather than buy groceries or fruits.


Definition a crowd of people
Usage He was met by a throng of journalists and photographers


Definition violent pains, especially at the moment of death
Usage In the throes of pain she could hardly make out who had rescued her or what was happening around her


Definition Forceful and vigorous
Usage Her trenchant manner of intimidating others rather than appealing to their generous sides ensured that she got her work done properly..

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