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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 57) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Definition Thoroughly worn out
Usage stop making threadbare excuses otherwise you spoil the trust.


Definition using power or authority over people in an unfair and cruel way
Usage Everyone was afraid of their overbearing and tyrannical boss.


Definition a speech, etc. at the end of a play, book, or movie that comments on or acts as a conclusion to what has happened
Usage The real twist of the novel was hidden in the epilogue.


Definition to give a general idea or description of something without details
Usage The statement of the witness was simply an adumbration.


Definition hellish
Usage The positive medical opinion about her child's condition lifted her mind from its erstwhile stygian state in which no hope had existed.


Definition 1) a hard hit with the hand, a weapon, etc.
2) a sudden event which has damaging effects on someone or something, causing sadness or disappointment
Usage He was knocked out by a single blow to the head.


Definition the ability to think in a logical way | a very intelligent person
Usage Ben is highly regarded for his intellect and experience


Definition Walk awkwardly because of excessive weight & size
Usage Added to his heavy weight and short stature the man had eaten heavily and lumbered into his bedroom and slumped.


Definition Unwilling to part with money
Usage Getting money from him was a difficult task as he was so tightfisted and asked so many questions that one gave up after a while.


Definition Harmful in effect
Usage The witness turned inimical under pressure from the rowdy elements and refused to attend the trial.


Definition Marked by rude or peremptory shortness
Usage She felt he could have refused more politely and that his brusque reply was unwarranted.


Definition a large and confusing amount of something
Usage Their house looked as if it had been hit by a hurricane with a welter of newspapers magazines
tapes and clothes everywhere.


Definition not proper or appropriate for the situation : not seemly
Usage Wearing short tops and jeans is forbidden in colleges now as they are deemed to be unseemly and not in line with Indian traditions


Definition expecting good things to happen or something to be successful
Usage Being optimistic is when you are able to look on the bright side


Definition the state of being morally bad
Usage People were shocked by the depravity of her actions.

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