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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 59) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Thursday, May 26, 2016


Definition to strongly disapprove of something and criticize it, especially publicly
Usage They deplored the heavy loss of life in the earthquake.


Definition very unpleasant or evil
Usage John's bad behavior was despicable


Definition marked by care and persistent effort;
Usage A member of parliament must be sedulous in implementing the measures promised to his constituency.


Definition without moral principles
Usage The unscrupulous politician bribed a voter


Definition careful about paying attention to every detail | careful to be honest and do what is right
Usage The banker had always been known as a scrupulous and trustworthy businessman.


Definition connected with the body or with sex
Usage His desire for carnal pleasure caused him problems in life.


Definition not controlled and therefore extreme
Usage The crowd was swept with unbridled enthusiasm


Definition to steal something, especially something small or not very valuable
Usage If you don't keep a close eye on that known thief he will filch everything he can from you


Definition to stop something from happening, especially something illegal
Usage Customs officials foiled an attempt to smuggle the paintings out of the country.


Definition very silly or stupid
Usage The teacher asked the student to stop interrupting her with inane comments


Definition having too much pride in yourself and what you do
Usage It's very conceited of you to assume that your work is always the best.


Definition noisy and full of life and energy
Usage The children played boisterously at recess


Definition praise or an award for an achievement that people admire
Usage The celebrity received numerous accolades from his home town.


Definition Ill-humored, arrogant, domineering
Usage One hesitated before going to their house as they had to endure the surly behaviour of their host's father who found fault with everything


Definition Unreasonably irritable
Usage Soon his wife's charm gave way to her petulant behaviourpermanently complaining about petty things

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