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Vocabulary Bites (Part - 62) : Learn New Words Quickly

Published on Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Definition 1) a type of work or way of life that you believe is especially suitable for you
2) a belief that you have been chosen by God to be a priest or nun
Usage A vocation to the priesthood


Definition praise
Usage Stan received a commendation for bravery.


Definition to make (something, such as a problem) better, less painful, etc.
Usage Wishing to ameliorate the offended guest the chief coordinator ran behind him full of apologies.


Definition extremely bad
Usage The senator's misuse of money was an egregious violation of public trust.


Definition to name things on a list one by one
Usage She enumerated the main points.


Definition clear from blame or guilt
Usage An alibi given by a respected senior helped to exculpate the officer who was suspected of a theft.


Definition intended to help people remember and respect an important person or event in the past
Usage A commemorative stamp was released on Martyr's Day to recall the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters.


Definition a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behaviour.
Usage Geniuses may often be described as eccentric because they can see the world in a different way.


Definition looking or feeling too pleased about something you have done or achieved
Usage He smiled smugly as the results were announced.


Definition very unfriendly or aggressive and ready to argue or fight
Usage The warriors showed hostility to the neighboring tribe.


Definition the worst or lowest point of something
Usage Pakistan seems to have reached the nadir of its long history because of the daily bombings and loss of innocent lives.


Definition easy to control
Usage Some of the old computer hardware is not amenable to alteration and must be replaced entirely.


Definition Unable to express clearly or fluently on account of being surprised
Usage When she suddenly came across the actor whom she had admired for years
she was tongue tied and could not utter a single word before him.


Definition cruel and violent, and not as expected from people who are educated and respect each other
Usage The barbaric teenagers destroyed the old house at the back of the neighborhood.


Definition that can be easily understood
Usage She gave an intelligible answer to a difficult question.

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