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Banking Awareness Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains

Published on Thursday, June 09, 2016
banking quiz
Ques 1.
Mortgage has been defined under :
(a) Section 57 of Transfer of Property Act
(b) Section  58 of Transfer of Property Act
(c) Section 57 of sale of  Goods Act
(d) Section 58 of Sale of Goods Act

Ques 2.
Reverse Repo means :
(a) rate RBI charges on funds lent of banks
(b) rate offered to Blue chip companies
(c) a rate equal to Bank rate
(d)  None of the above

Ques 3.
Against the currency issued by the Reserve Bank of India, It has to maintain  certain assets as prescribed in the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Which of the following is not an eligible asset in this regard :
(a) Gold
(b) Foreign Exchange  Reserves
(c) Government  Securities
(d) Shares and Debenture of  Joint Stock Companies

Ques 4.
An asset, includeing a leased asset , becomes non-performing when :
(A) it ceases to generate income for the bank
(b) a performance Guarantee issued by the bank on behalf of the borrower is invoked 
(c) it is rendered useless due to wear and tear or its becoming obsolete
(d) the borrower dies

Ques 5.
A Non-performing asset has been defined as a credit facility , in respect of which interest has remained unpaid for a period of :
(a)Four Quarters
(b) three Quarters
(c) Three Years
(d) Three months

Ques 6.
The capital adequacy norms in Banks were introduced in :
(a) April 1991
(b) March 1992
(c) April 1992
(d) July 1992

Ques 7.
Capital Adequacy ratio is the ratio of :
(a) Capital as compared to Total Deposits
(b) Capital as compared to Total Advances
(c) Capital as compered to Total assets
(d) Capital as compared to Risk Adjusted Assets

Ques 8.
The concept of Capital Adequacy in banks was introduced by :
(a) Narasimham Committee
(b) Basle  Committee
(c) Reserve Bank of India
(d) Ministry of Finance

Ques 9.
Which of the following is accounted for Tier-I Capital of a Bank: 
(a) Paid up Capital
(b) Statutory  Reserve
(c) Disclosed Free Reserves and Capital Reserves arising out of Sale of Asset
(d) All of the above

Ques 10.
Which of the following is accounted for Tier-II Capital of a Bank :
(a) Undisclosed  Reserves
(b)  Revaluation Reserve and general Provisions
(c) Hybrid  debt capital instrument and subordinated debt
(d) All of the above

Ques 11.
The 'CAMELS'  Rating  for Banks was recommended by :
(a)  Narasimham Committee
(b)  Padmanabhan Committee
(c) Nayak Committee
(d) Rangrajan Committee

Ques 12.
What is the concept of 'CAMELS' Rating :
(a) It deals with supervision of Banks by RBI
(b) It is a method of performance evaluation of Banks
(c) It is the process of internal audit
(d) All of the above

Ques 13.
Which of the following is not included in 'CAMELS':
(a) Capital Adequacy and asset Quality 
(b)  Mangement and System
(c) Emloyees Performance
(d)  Liquidity and Systems

Ques 14.
The RBI issued the following guidelines for effectives Asset Liability  Management System :
(a)Bank should set up an internal Asset Liability Committee
(b) The Committee should be headed by CMD and ED
(c) The Management Committee of the Board should oversee implementation of the system
(d) All of the above

Ques 15.
The major responsibilities of Asset Liability Committee are :
(a) Product pricing for deposit and advances
(b) The level of maturity profile and mix of the incremental assets and liabilities
(c) The Committee  should also review the results and progress of implementation
(d)  All of the above

Ques 16.
Which of the following is not a responsibilities of Asset Liabilities Committee :
(a) Fixing responsibilities for CMD
(b) To decide on source and mix of liabilities or sale of Asset
(c) To decide on funding mix between fixed vs floating rate funding
(d) The committee would also decide about various sources of funding

Ques 17.
Which of the Bank's department are not necessary to include in asset liability Committee :
(a) Credit  Resources Management
(b) Premise and Estate
(c) Funds Management/Treasury 
(d) Economic Research Division


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