Colours on Cubes - Important Puzzle for SBI PO Exam

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Today I am sharing one of the very important puzzle for SBI PO exam. In the exam, examiner can make few change to the puzzle by increasing the number of colors, giving less information and by adding a mirror in front of cube. 

Direction :-

The six faces of a cube are coloured, each with a different colour.
I. The white face is between yellow and green
II. The red face is adjacent to brown.
III. The green face is opposite the yellow side.
IV. The blue face is adjacent to red.
V. The yellow face is the top face of the cube.
1. The faces adjacent to white bear the colours
a. Yellow, green, brown and red
b. Yellow, brown, blue, and green
c. Yellow, green, blue and red
d. None of the above

2. The face opposite the red face is
a. Green
b. White
c. Blue
d. Brown

3. The colour of the bottom face of the cube is
a. Red
b. Brown
c. Green
d. Blue

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