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Computer Quiz for SBI, IBPS and Other Exams (Set-15)

Published on Monday, June 27, 2016
1.Which of the following is a permanent memory?
c) ROM
d) All the above
e) None of these

2.What type of port sends data one bit at a time?
a) Serial
b) Parallel
c) USB
d) FireWire
e) None of these 

3. The power-saving mode that allows the computer to restart by simply pressing a key on the
keyboard is called
a) standby
b) warm boot
c) power management
d) cold boot
e) None of these 

4. Retail employees typically use _______ terminals to process sales transactions.
a) sales processing
b) transaction point
c) automatic teller
d) point of sale
e) None of these 

5. The process of ________ involves automated study of consumer’s buying patterns is order to support marketing, inventory replenishment and pricing decisions.
a) transaction processing
b) data mining
c) simulation
d) information processing
e) None of these 

6. The engineering discipline that involves construction of computing devices of the size of a molecule is called
a) nanotechnology
b) molecular processing
c) silicon grafting
d) nanoscience
e) None of these 

7. The prefix that stands for "billionth" is
a) giga
b) tera
c) nano
d) peta
e) None of these 

8. Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called
a) Metasearch engines
b) Webcrawlers
c) Spiders
d) Hits
e) None of these 

9. Graphical diagrams are used to represent multiple perspectives of a system which include
a) use-case, class and state diagrams
b) state, interaction and derivative diagrams
c) interaction, relationship and class diagrams
d) deployment, relationship and use-case diagrams
e) None of these 

10. Which is the best view for representing your thoughts as a presentation on a computer?
a) Outline view
b) Notes page view
c) Slide sorter view
d) Slide view
e) None of these 


1. c) ROM
2. a) Serial
3. a) standby
4. d) point of sale
5. b) data mining
6. a) nanotechnology
7. c) nano
8. a) Metasearch engines
9. a) use-case, class and state diagrams
10. a) Outline view 

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