Computer Quiz for SBI, UIICL and Other Exams (Set-1)

1. ____________ is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.
a) An instruction
b) Software
c) Memory
d) A processor

2. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer’s hardware devices and ____________ software to work together.
a) Management
b) Processing
c) Utility
d) Application

3. The PC (Personal Computer) and the Apple Macintosh are examples of two different:
a) Platforms
b) Applications
c) Programs
d) Storage devices

4. Apple Macintoshes (Macs) and PCs use different ____________ to process data and different operating systems.
a) Languages
b) Methods
c) CPUs
d) Storage devices

5. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:
a) Network
b) Mainframe
c) Supercomputer
d) Client

6. Smaller and less expensive PC-based servers are replacing ____________ in many businesses.
a) Supercomputers
b) Clients
c) Laptops
d) Mainframes

7. ____________ are specially designed computers that perform complex calculations extremely rapidly.
a) Servers
b) Supercomputers
c) Laptops
d) Mainframes

8. DSL is an example of a(n) ____________ connection.
a) Network
b) Wireless
c) Slow
d) Broadband

9. The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the:
a) Digital divide
b) Internet divide
c) Web divide
d) Broadband divide

10. ____________ is the science revolving around the use of nano structures to build devices on an extremely small scale.
a) Nanotechnology
b) Micro-technology
c) Computer forensics
d) Artificial intelligence


1. b) Software
2. d) Application
3. a) Platforms
4. c) CPUs
5. a) Network
6. d) Mainframes
7. b) Supercomputers
8. d) Broadband
9. a) Digital divide
10. a) Nanotechnology

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