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English Quiz: Spotting Errors for SBI, UIICL and Other Exams

Published on Thursday, June 02, 2016
Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Find out Which Part of a Sentence Has an Error.
1. Although there(a)/ was a faint heartbeat the patient was(b)/for all intents and purpose dead(c)/No error(d).

2. The two last(a)/chapters of the book(b)/are very interesting(c)/No error(d).

3. I have seen(a)/that film last year(b)/but I do not remember its story(c)/No error(d).

4. Vivekanada remained (a)/a man of principles(b)/all through his life(c)/No error(d).

5. Robin and(a)/myself saw(b)/the picture(c)/No error(d).

6. A lot of money(a)/were spent(b)/on the Commonwealth Games(c)/No error(d).

7. You will come (a)/to my party tomorrow(b)/isn’t it(c)/No error(d).

8. The man was(a)/overwhelmed for joy at(b)/the success of his only son(c)/No error(d).

9. The cricket match(a)/between India and Pakistan(b)/was much exciting(c)/No error(d).

10. His composition(a)/is inferior(b)/than mine(c)/No error(d).


1. (c), “to” should be used instead of “for all”.
(a), The ordinal number comes before a ordinal number, hence , ”The last two” should be used.
(a), It is past event so simple past should be used, hence “ I saw” should be used instead of “ I have seen”.
4. (d) No error.
5. (b) Here Nominative Case should be used; “I” should be used instead of “myself”.
6. (b) After each of, each one of, a lot of plural noun, pronoun+ singular verb. “ was spent” should be used instead of “were spent”.
(c) There is a future sense, so “ will not it” should be used here.
(b) Here overwhelm with joy should be used.
9. (c) Much is generally used in negative sense, hence “very exciting” should be used here.
(b) Inferior agrees with preposition ”to”.


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