General Awareness Quiz - Set 21

1. Mrs. Yamini Krishnamurthi has distinguished herself in
a) Journalism
b) Sports
c) Fine Arts
d) Science Fiction

2. The term ‘shuttle diplomacy’ is associated with
a) Henry Kissenger
b) Adlai Stevenson
c) JK Galbraith
d) Marshal Tito

3. The gland having endocine as well as exocrine function is
a) Adrenal gland
b) Thyroid gland
c) Pituitary gland
d) Pancreatic gland

4. India’s first experimental telecommunication satellite APPLE was put into orbit from a launch site in
a) USA
b) Russia
c) French Guiana
d) Mexico

5. Who possibly ruled the Indus people?
a) an assembly of elders
b) merchants
c) kings
d) priests

6. ‘Diego Garcia’ is situated in the
a) Arabian Sea
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean
d) Pacific Ocean

7. Which, among the following, is not a member of the CIS?
a) Armenia
b) Byelorussia
c) Georgia
d) Rissia

8. The British Cabinet Mission which visited India in March 1946 did not have as its member
a) Compbell Johnson
b) sir Stafford Cripps
c) Lord Pethick Lawrence
d) AV Alexander

9. Human blood is oxygenated and purified in the
a) heart
b) lungs
c) liver
d) Kidneys

10. Bharatiya Jnanapith was founded by
a) KM Munshi
b) Sahu Jain
c) Vikram Sarabhai
d) Humayun Kabir


1. c) Fine Arts
2. a) Henry Kissenger
3. d) Pancreatic gland
4. c) French Guiana
5. b) merchants
6. c) Indian Ocean
7. c) Georgia
8. a) Compbell Johnson
9. b) lungs
10. b) Sahu Jain


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