General Awareness Quiz - Set 30

1. Biogas is derived from
a) only vegetable matter
b) only animal excreta
c) the living organisms
d) (a) and (b)

2. The concept of ‘Sales Tax’ was the innovation of

a) K Kamaraj
b) C Rajagopalachari
c) Dr. CD Deshmukh
d) Sir RK Shanmukham Chetti

3. Dyes derived from flower or floral parts are
a) Turmeric and saffron
b) safflower and saffron
c) safflower and indigo
d) cutch and indigo

4. ‘Suez Canal’ was designed by
a) Ferdinand de Lesseps
b) Le Corbusier
c) John Napier
d) Verroned

5. ‘Biocoenosis’ denotes
a) Ecological Balance
b) Ecosystem
c) Ecoside
d) Ecological Pyramids

6. Palm Oil is obtained from
a) Coconut palm
b) Palmyra palm
c) oil palm
d) Toddy palm

7. The oldest monarchy in the world is that of
a) UK
b) Nepal
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Japan

8.  Who, among the following, propounded the “theory of natural rights”?
a) Aristotle
b) Hobbes
c) Locke
d) Socrates

9. The official language of the Mauryan Court was
a) Magadhi
b) Prakrit
c) Mythili
d) Sanskrit

10. The twin cities of Hydrerabad and Secunderabad are linked together by the
a) Ranjit Sagar
b) Hussain Sagar
c) Nizam Sagar
d) Nagarjuna Sagar


1. d) (a) and (b)
2. b) C Rajagopalachari
3. b) safflower and saffron
4. a) Ferdinand de Lesseps
5. b) Ecosystem
6. c) oil palm
7. d) Japan
8. c) Locke
9. a) Magadhi
10. b) Hussain Sagar

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