General Awareness Quiz - Set 31

1. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is located at
a) Darjeeling
b) Mussoorie
c) Dehradun
d) Leh

2. Which gas is used in an electric bulb?
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Inert gas

3. Which, among the following, is minor port in the West Coast?
a) Kochi
b) Kozhikode
c) Kandla
d) Mumbai

4. Sulphur is readily soluble in
a) Water
b) Alcohol
c) Carbon-di-sulphide
d) Sodium chloride solution

5. It is commonly said that “if a wall were built around ________ , it would be a museum”.
a) Jammu
b) Jamaica
c) Jordan
d) Jabalpur

6. The world’s highest rate of population growth has been recorded by
a) Kiribati (originally, Gilbert Islands)
b) Kenya
c) Kuwait
d) Libya

7. The holy shrine of Badrinath lies in
a) Leh
b) Ladakh
c) Uttarakhand
d) Jammu and Kashmir

8. Decomposition of organic matter is due to
a) Virus
b) Fungi
c) Bacteria
d) None of these

9. Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?
a) Rice
b) Wheat
c) Maize
d) Beans

10. Which among the following cows give maximum milk yields?
a) Jersey
b) Holstein
c) Red Sindhi
d) Sahiwal


1. c) Dehradun
2. d) Inert gas
3. b) Kozhikode
4. c) Carbon-di-sulphide
5. c) Jordan
6. b) Kenya
7. c) Uttarakhand
8. c) Bacteria
9. d) Beans
10. a) Jersey

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