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General Awareness Quiz - Set 39

Published on Tuesday, June 28, 2016
1. The term ‘Fauna’ means
a) plant Kingdom
b) animal Kingdom
c) neither
d) both

2. The first Indian ruler to organize Haj Pilgrimage at State Expense was
a) Aurangzeb
b) Akbar
c) Feroze Tuglaq
d) Alauddin Khilji 

3. “Bharat Bhavan” the multi arts centre, is located at
a) Banaras
b) Bhopal
c) Bharatpur
d) Belgaum 

4. Which, among the following places is reckoned as the birthplace of Asian Art?
a) Ajanta
b) Gandhara
c) Mathura
d) Vijayanagar 

5. Kanak Rele is an exponent of
a) Kuchipudi
b) Bharata Natyam
c) Mohini Attam and Kathakali
d) Odissi 

6. Manav Seva award has been instituted in memory of the late
a) Acharya Vinoba Bhave
b) Indira Gandhi
c) Rajiv Gandhi
d) Lal Bahadur Shastri 

7. The Vachaspati Puraskar award has been instituted by the
a) RK Birla Foundation
b) Madhya Pradesh Government
c) KK Birla Foundation

8. Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar is awarded for significant contribution in the field of
a) Environment
b) Social Service
c) Hindi Literature
d) Urdu Literature 

9. Borlaugh Award is given in the field of
a) Education
b) Space Science
c) Literature
d) Agriculture 

10. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding is awarded every year by the
a) Union Parliament
b) Union Government
c) Indian Council for Culture Relations
d) Indian Adult Education Association 


1. b) animal Kingdom
2. b) Akbar
3. b) Bhopal
4. a) Ajanta
5. c) Mohini Attam and Kathakali
6. c) Rajiv Gandhi
7. c) KK Birla Foundation
8. a) Environment
9. d) Agriculture
10. c) Indian Council for Culture Relations


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