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Idioms & Phrases Questions Answers ( For SSC CGL 2016 )

From the four alternatives in each question, select the word which can be substituted for the given phrase/sentence - 

1. Ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions
(a) Intuition
(b) Sacrilege
(c) Acumen
(d) Fetish

2. Someone or something that causes bad luck
(a) Laurel
(b) Ken
(c) Gambit
(d) Jinx

3. Standards of proper or acceptable behaviour
(a) Postulate
(b) Nuance
(c) Norm
(d) Statute

4. Most important part of something
(a) Quintessence 
(b) Redundant
(c) Repertoire
(d) Saga

5. Slow in moving, acting, or happening
(a) Thaw
(b) Tardy
(c) Tranquil
(d) Trifle

6. Violent attempt to take control of a government
(a) Insurgency
(b) Infatuation
(c) Infelicity
(d) Intransigence

7. Place where people grow fruit trees
(a) Orbit
(b) Ordeal
(c) Otiose
(d) Orchard

8. Defeat (someone) easily and completely
(a) Rue
(b) Rout
(c) Rusticate
(d) Rustle

9. Poor and dirty child who annoys people or causes minor trouble
(a) Utopia
(b) Unwieldy
(c) Ubiquitous
(d) Urchin

l0. Person or thing that one particularly dislikes
(a) Behemoth
(b) Bevy
(c) Bete noire
(d) Bastinado


1-C      2-D       3-C       4-A        5-B        6-B         7-D        8-B         9-D         10-C

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