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Sentence Completion Using Appropriate Filler - English Test

Published on Sunday, June 26, 2016

1. If they share the burden alternately, they ..........
a. Won't get tired
b. Will get fatigued
c. Can't feel tiring
d. Will get tired soon
e. Don't get tired

2. When I saw him through the window............
a. I ran out to open the door
b. I have run out to open the door
c. I should run out to open the door
d. I am running out to open the door

3. Every person must learn...........
a. That his time needs a wise use
b. Wise ways in his time's use
c. To make wise use of his time
d. To using his time in a wisely manner
e. That how wisely his time can be used.

4. Many people have law degrees,.............
a. But not all of them practice law
b. However it isn't practised by all
c. And some of them do have practice also
d. But some of them do not practice it
e. Yet some are not undergoing practices.

5. With great difficulty,...........
a. He could keep his cool
b. He could get annoyed
c. He could not tolerate his nonsense
d. He could lose his temper
e, He could perform his usual functions easily

6. The Chairman rejected the proposal of increasing the employee's salary because..........
a. The company had already gained three thousand crore profit
b. The company did not have sufficient funds to afford the rise
c. The number of employee in the company was very small
d. The employees had been demanding it for a long time
e. It was not difficult for the company to bear additional burden.

7. The more we looked at the price of modern art, ...........
a. We liked it less
b. The less we liked it
c. It looked better
d. The more we like it
e. Better we liked it.

8. In order to raise the company's profit. the employees..........
a. Decided to raise the cost of raw material
b. Requested the management to implement new welfare schemes
c. Demanded to go on paid holidays
d. offered to work over time without any compensation

9. Whichever way you approach the problem,.........
a. It will not solve
b. It will not be solved
c. No one will not solve it
d. It will not be solve

10. How much a man earns is as important as .........
 a. Where does he earn
b. Why does he earn of all
c. When does he do so
d. How he does it
e. How well he spends it

11. He tames animals because he
a. Is fond of them
b. Hates them
c. Seldom loves them
d. is afraid of them
e. Wants to set them free

12. He has no money now........
a. because he was very rich once
b. As he has given up all his wealth
c. because he had received huge donations once
d. Although he was very poor once.

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