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Sentence Improvement set for SBI PO Pre Exam

Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2016
sbi po

1. The mother has not seen the child for several months and now eagerly looks forward to seeing him.
a. Looks ahead to
b. Looks onto
c. Looks for
d. No improvement.

2. He was extremely unhappy because of the inordinately delay.
a. The inordinately delaying
b. The inordinate delay
c. The inordinate delaying
d. No correction required

3. Being a handicapped youth, he was put hard to complete his military course.
a. Was hardly put to
b. Was put to it hard
c. Was hard put to
d. No improvement

4. Sri Pashupatinath is a with seeing temple in Kathmandu.
a. One of hte worth seeing temples
b. A temple to see its worth
c. A temple worth seeing
d. No improvement

5. Most of the employees from Rajan's factory were not inclination of using the new technology.
a. Inclined to
b. Incline to
c. Inclined to be
d. Inclining to

6. When the clock struck six I was waiting here for an hour
a. Shall have waited
b. Had been waiting
c. Had waited
d. No improvement

7. Although India is still by far a poor country, it can become rich if its natural and human resources are fully utilised.
a. Few and far between
b. By and large
c. By and by
d. No improvement

8. Twenty kilometres are not great distance in these days of fast moving vehicles.
a. Aren't a great distance
b. Is not a great distance
c. Is not a great distance
d. Is no distance

9. The situation remained the same, rather got worse, all his efforts notwithstanding.
a. Inspite of all his efforts not withstanding
b. Notwithstanding all his efforts
c. For all his efforts notwithstanding
d. No improvement

10. When he arrived to attend the wedding of his brother, he had been dressed in a dark suit.
a. Had dressed
b. Was dressed
c. Dressed
d. No improvement

11. Galileo escaped burning for heresy because he apologized and withdrew his previous statements.
a. From having been burnt
b. From being burnt
c. Being burnt
d. No improvement

12. The practical importance of the role of the industrialist in the establishment of the new order is greater than the economist and the politician.
a. That of the economist and the politician
b. That of the economist and the politician's
c. Of the economist and the politicians
d. No improvement

13. As soon as our plan is approved, I shall favour its, adoption.
a. Its
b. It's
c. Our
d. No improvement.

14. We were still standing in the queue when the film was beginning.
a. Beginning of the film was over
b. Film begins
c. Film began
d. No correction required

15. His powerful desire brought about his downfall.
a. His desire for power
b. His intense desire
c. His fatal desire
d. No improvement
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