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Sentence improvement Test for SBI Clerk Mains (Part 1)

Published on Monday, June 27, 2016
sentence improvement
Ques 1.
With a  thundering roar the huge rocket soared up from the launching pad.
(a) Flew up
(b) Went upwards
(c) Took off
(d) No improvement

Ques 2.
It was quite clear that the runner could be able to improve upon his own record.
(a) would be able
(b) should be able
(c) Will be able
(d) No improvement

Ques 3.
After the heavy rains last week , the water in the lake raised another two feet .
(a) rose another two feet
(b) Rised  another two feet
(c) Would raise another two feet
(d) No improvement

Ques 4.
Our departure from his this place now depends on their coming here.
(a) they coming
(b) Them coming
(c) They come
(d) Their's coming
(e) No correction required

Ques 5.
The more they earn, more they spend
(a) The more they earn, the more they spend 
(b) More they earn, the more they spend
(c) More they earn, more they spend
(d) No improvement

Ques 6.
He stopped to work an hour ago.
(a) working
(b) To have worked
(c) To working
(d) No improvement

Ques 7.
One should exercise their right to vote .
(a) One's 
(b) Our
(c) His
(d) No improvement

Ques 8.
None of the guests were introduced  to the bride.
(a) Have been introduced
(b)  was Introduced
(c)  Introduced
(d)  No improvement

Ques 9.
He is the  kindest and generous of all my friends.
(a) The most generous of all my friends.
(b) More generous of all my friends'
(c) More generous among all my friends
(d) No improvement

Ques 10.
I wish I was with him.
(a) am
(b) were
(c) Have been
(d) No improvement

Ques 11.
The fact finding committee has so far not made any advancement.
(a) stride
(b) improvement
(c) Progress
(d) no improvement

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