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Sentence Improvement Test for SBI Clerk Mains (Part 3)

Published on Monday, June 13, 2016
Ques 1.
Do not take another step, else your life will face great peril.
(a) Would be placed in great
(b) Will be in
(c) Might be thrown into
(d) No important

Ques 2.
I was delighted to see him fully recover.
(a) His fully recovery
(b) Him fully Recovered
(c) He full recovered
(d) No correction required

Ques 3.
I have got some tea, but I do not have any sugar.
(b) Any
(c) Little
(d) Minute
(e) No correction  required

Ques 4.
It is essential to thorough clean the machine after each use.
 (a) To thorough clean
(b) to clean Thorough
(c) To thorough cleaning
(d) No correction required

Ques 5.
While we would like that all Indian children to go to school , we need to ponder why they do not.
(a) If all the children of india
(b) That all the Indian Children
(c)All Indian Children
(d)  No improvement

Ques 6.
We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic patterns.
(a) Are preparing
(b) Have prepared
(c) Are Prepared
(d) had Prepared
(e) No correction required

Ques 7.
I your brother  and you will partners in the business.
(a) Brother till at
(b)  Brother continue at
(c) Brother still at
(d) No improvement

Ques 8.
He didn't believe in God but he went to church regularly.
(a) Yet
(b) Nevertheless
(c) However
(d) No improvement

Ques 9.
To succeed in a difficult task, persistent is needed .
(a) One needs to be Persistent
(b) Persistence is what one needs
(c)  Persistence was needed
(d)  Persistence  should have needed
(e) No correction required

Ques 10.
More than  one person was killed in the accident
(a) Are killed 
(b)  Were killed
(c) Have been killed
(d) No improvement

Ques 11
The winter was such severe that even water in the taps was frozen.
(a) Severe so much
(b) So severe
(c) Severe such
(d) No improvement

Ques 12.
The farmer's way of life can be contrasted to that of the factory workers.
(a) Contrasted with
(b) Contrasted against
(c)  Contrasted for
(d) No improvement

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