Sentence Improvement Test for SBI Clerk Mains (Part 2)

sentence improvement
1. All his answers were correct.
a. All of his answers
b. His all answers
c. His every answers
d. No improvement

2. She cut a sad figure in her first performance on the stage.
a. Cut a sorry figure
b. Cut a sorry face
c. Made a sorry figure 
d. No improvement

3. I wish I was with him.
a. Am
b. Were
c. Have been
d. No improvement

4. You must find someone to accompany you to Bombay.
 a. Anyone
b. Everyone
c. No one
d. No improvement

5. You are warned against committing the same mistake again.
a. To commit
b. Against to commit
c. For committing
d. No improvement

6. Who does not know that this was broadcasted ten days ago?
a. Was broadcasting
b. Was broadcast
c. Had broadcast
d. No improvement

7. Because of his mastery in this field, his suggestions are wide accepted.
a. Have widely accepted
b. Are wide acceptance
c. Are widely accepted
d. Have been wide accepted
e. No correction required

8. Many a man have died of cancer.
a. Have been dying of cancer
b. Has died of cancer
c. Have died from cancer
d. No improvement

9. He has cooked that meal so often he can do it with his eyes closed.
a. Hands full
b. Eyes covered
c. Mind blank
d. No improvement

10. Ravi has got many friends because he has got much money.
a. Bags of money
b. a lot of money
c. Enough money
d. No improvement

11. Never has the inadequacy of police been in clearer focus than in the communal violence that flared up recently.
a. Better
b. Stronger
c. Higher
d. Sharper

12. Young man and women should get habituated to reading and writing about current affairs.
a. Used
b. Trained
c. Prepared
d. No improvement

13. Not a word they spoke to the unfortunate wife about it.
a. They will speak
b. Did they speak
c. They had spoken
d. No improvement

14. It is high time we did something about it.
a. Have done
b. Would do
c. Had done
d. No improvement

15. In accordance to your instructions, we have remitted the amount in the bank.
a. For
b. With
c. By
d. No improvement

16. She did not like the movie, nor I did.
a. Nor I liked it
b. Not I like it
c. Nor did I
d. No improvement

17. He complained that he had too much work to cope up with.
a. To cope
b. For coping up with
c. To cope with
d. No Improvement

18. Rajni unnecessarily picked up a quarrel with Kashish and left the party hurriedly.
a. Picked
b. Picked on
c. Picking up
d. Has picked up
e. No correction required

19. He has been working off and on for several years to compile a dictionary.
a. regularly 
b. On and off
c. On or of
d. No correction required

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