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Sentence Improvement Test (Part : 3) - SBI Clerk Mains

Published on Friday, June 17, 2016

Ques 1.
The officer whom I went reported that my case was pending
(a) That I went to
(b) Who I went
(c) Whom I went to 
(d) No improvement

Ques 2.
He has said so out of affection, do not take it to heart
(a) By the heart
(b) It in the heart
(c) In heart
(d) No improvement

Ques 3.
I think in my opinion that all those who claim  to be honest are not really so
(a) it is my believing
(b) it seems to me  
(c) In my opinion, I believe
(d) My believing is
(e) No correction required

Ques 4.
I would like to avail a fifteen days' Holiday this summer
(a)  To avail myself of 
(b) To avail of
(c) To avail myself
(d) No improvement

Ques 5.
There is an endless running of traffic on the Delhi-Ghaziabad road.
(a) Stream
(b) River
(c)  Heaviness
(d) No improvement

Ques 6.
He is not in the good books of his master
(a) In the better  books
(b) into the good books
(c) In the good book
(d) In the best book
(e) No correction required

Ques 7.
I would have waited for you at the station if I knew that you would come.
(a) Was knowing
(b) Have known
(c)  Had known
(d) No improvement

Ques 8.
You can't go that way ,I'm afraid , as the road is in repairs.
(a) On  repairs
(b) Under repair
(c) Under repair
(d) No improvement

Ques 9.
Taxpayers are to be conscious of their privieges
(a) Ought to
(b) Have to
(c) Need
(d) No improvement

Ques 10.
The rules of chees requires that one made only one move t a time.
(a) Make
(b) Will Make
(c) Makes
(d) No improvement

Ques 11.
He asked me if I can help him to lift the box.
(a) Will 
(b) Could
(c) May
(d) No improvement

Ques 12.
It was hard to believe that he was dead for two years.
(a) Had been dead
(b)  Has been dead
(c) Is dead
(d) No improvement

Ques 13.
Hold hands of your child while crossing the road.
(a) hand of your child
(b) Your child's hand
(c) Your Child's hands
(d) No improvement

Ques 14.
One some evenings I leave office as late as 7 O'clock .
(a) On some of the evening
(b) Some evenings
(c) In some evenings
(d) No improvement

Ques 15.
She did not ask any questions to him.
(a) To him any question
(b) Him any question
(c) Any question from him
(d) No improvement  


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