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Sentence Improvement Test (Part - 7) for SBI Clerk Exam

Published on Monday, June 20, 2016
sentence improvement
Ques 1.
The poor villagers have waited in the bitter cold for more than four hour now.
(a) Have  been waiting
(b) Had waited
(c) Has been Waiting
(d) No improvement

Ques 2.
He was so rude that they were compelled for asking him to leave.
(a)  Him to ask to leave
(b) To ask him to leave
(c) Ask him  to leave
(d) No improvement

Ques 3.
Just in a hour 's time,he could complete the work to my satisfaction.
(a) In the time of an hour
(b) In an hour's time
(c) In a hour
(d) In the duration of an hour
(e) No correction required.

Ques 4.
When the train finally came.into the station the lonely  traveller  seemed relieved.
(a) Pulled to
(b) Will pull into
(c) Pulled into
(d)  Have pulled into
(e) No correction required

Ques 5.
When a man has to give evidence leaders have taken shelter at the church last month after the authorities ordered their arrest.
(a) Posses a clean breast
(b) Obtain a clean breast
(c) Make a clean breast
(d) No improvement

Ques 6.
The fast train came a halt to before crossing the bridge.
(a) Came to halts before a
(b) Came to a halt before
(c) Came before to a halt
(d) Came before a halt to
(e)  No correction required .

Ques 7.
It is high time be starts to look into his own flaws before speaking ill of others.
(a) Started looking
(b) Started  Looking
(c) Started  to look
(d) No improvement

Ques 8.
Miss Pillai teaches very well,isn't it ?
(a)Wasn't  it ?
(b) Doesn't she ?
(c) Didn't  she ?
(d)  No improvement

Ques 9.
The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.
(a) Hell bent upon getting
(b) Hell bent on getting
(c) hell bent for getting
(d) No improvement

Ques 10.
They succeeded without hardly making any effort.
(a) without making hardly
(b) With hardly making
(c) Hardly making
(d) No improvement

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