Spot Grammatical Errors : Part 4

1. She gave most of her time to music.
a. Lent
b. Spent
c. Devoted
d. No improvement

2. Would you find me absent, please don't forget to leave a message behind.
a. Unless
b. Should
c. As
d. No improvement

3. He is very active and will finish the work within no time.
a. In no time
b. Without taking time
c. At no time
d. No improvement 

4. I have not written any letter to him since my father had died.
a. has died
b. Was dead
c. Died
d. No improvement

5. The 'There Musketeers' have been written by Dumas.
a. Has been written
b. Are being written
c. Are written
d. No improvement

6. A lot depends on your early brought up in the family.
a. Upbringing
b. Bringing on
c. Bringing up
d. No improvement

7. The intruder stood quietly for few moments.
a. For the few moments
b. For a few moments
c. For a few time
d. No correction required

8. If he had time he will call you.
a. Has
b. Would have had
c. Would have
d. No improvement

9. The members of his family are coming in this train.
a. On
b. By
c. With
d. No improvement

10. He stayed back so that it can look as if he was unaware of the entire incident.
a. Will look
b. Would look
c. May look
d. No improvement

11. If you had told your problem yesterday, we might had helped you.
a. Would have been
b. Might have been
c. Would have
d. No correction required

12.Scarcely had he entered the room than the phone rang.
a. As
b. While
c. When
d. No improvement

13. The cloud of misfortune appears to have blown out.
a. Up
b. Over
c. Away
d. No improvement

14. They have stopped from constructing new buildings.
a. Constructing
b. At constructing
c. To construct
d. No improvement

15. Education is a strong instruments for moulding the character of the young.
a. Potent
b. Powerful
c. Striking
d. No improvement

16. Last evening I went to the option and bought spectacles.
a. A pair of spectacles
b. Two spectacles
c. A spectacle
d. No improvement

17. On seeing the lion she felt too much afraid .
a. Much
b. Excessively
c. Extremely
d. No improvement

18. He enjoys to tell stories to children.
a. To narrate stories
b. Telling stories
c. How to tell stories
d. No improvement

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