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Antonyms Test for SBI PO Mains Exam

Published on Friday, July 01, 2016
Ques 1.
He abandoned his family .
(a) Pleased
(b) Encouraged
(c) Saved
(d) Supported

Ques 2.
Everybody called it a lavish party.
(a) Wasteful
(b) Big
(c) Expensive
(d) Pragmatism

Ques 3.
The minister gave a public speech on the controversial  subject to precipitate the matter
(a) defer
(b) Creat
(c)  Pull
(d) Push

Ques 4.
The club meets on the last Thursday of  every month in a dilapidated Palace.
(a) Neglected
(b)  Regenerated
(c) Furnished
(d) Renovated

Ques 5.
The principal Hardly managed to give the papers a cursory glance.
(a) Thorough
(b) Curious
(c)  Superficial
(d) Reflective

Ques 6.
Mohini was often teased as corpulent by her friends.
(a) Garrulous
(b) Fat
(c) Belligerent
(d) Gaunt

Ques 7.
There are four chapters that are extraneous to the structure of the book.
(a) Important
(b) Needful
(c) Relevant
(d) Integral

Ques 8.
The plantation workers were on a collision course before the labour officer intervened.
(a)  Conciliatory
(b)  Perfunctory
(c)  Circuitous
(d) Retaliatory

Ques 9.
He was in a Sulky disposition.
(a) Loving
(b) Kind
(c) Mild
(d) Cheerful

Ques 10.
This is a trivial matter.
(a) small
(b) Important
(c) Difficult 
(d)  Easy

Ques 11.
This is not ideology but pragmatic language teaching.
(a) Imperfect
(b)  Impossible
(c) Impractical
(d) Improper

Ques 12.
There is an Obscure cave on the other side of the hill.
(a) Infamous
(b) Well-Known
(c)  Admired
(d) Notorious

Ques 13.
She detests government jobs.
(a) Adores
(b) Is interested in
(c) Approves of
(d) Is fond of

Ques 14.
The habit of squandering money  should not be encouraged .
(a) Hoarding
(b) Discarding
(c) Saving
(d) Collecting

Ques 15.
All these measures will augment employment  opportunities. 
(a) Diminish
(b)  Circumscribe
(c) Constrain
(d) Restrain

Ques 16.
The chairman rebuked the accounts officers for not supervising the work of his coordinates .
(a) Awarded
(b) Invited
(c) Praised
(d) Received


1. (d) :  Abandoned : Deserted, left . opposite meaning : Supported.

2. (d) : Lavish : Extravagant. opposite  meaning : Frugal , economical

3. (a) : Precipitate : Hasty, indiscreet. Opposite meaning : Deliberate 

4. (d) :  Dilapidated : Shabby, Broken-down.opposite  meaning : Reovated.

5. (a) : Cursory : Casual.
Opposite meaning : Thorough

6. (d) : Corpulent : Fat  opposite meaning : Gaunt, thin

7.  (d) : Extraneous :  Non- essential. Opposite meaning  :  Integral , essential

8. (a) : Collision :  Crash, impact , come into conflict. Opposite  meaning : Conciliation , accommodating.

9. (d) :  Sulky :  Irritable. Opposite meaning : Cheerful

10. (b) : Trivial : Unimportant. Opposite meaning : Important.

11. (c) : Pragmatic :  practical , Opposite meaning : Impractical ( not practical or worktable)

12. (b) :  Obscure : Unknown . Opposite meaning : Well- known

13. (a) : Detests : Hates.  Opposite meaning : Adores, Loves.

14. (c) : Squandering :  Wastefulness.  Opposite meaning :saving , thrift

15. (a) : Agument : Enlarge , increase .  Opposite meaning : Diminish, Decrease

16. (c) : Rebuked : Scolded , find fault with .  Opposite meaning :  Praised.

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