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Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz : Part - 11

Published on Saturday, July 16, 2016
1. An average citizen cannot a savings account in which of the following?
a. Commercial Bank
b. Post office
c. Cooperative bank
d. RBI

2. Which of the following schemes is not meant for investment purpose?
a. National savings certificates
b. Infrastructure bonds
c. Mutual funds
d. Letter of credit

3. Basel norms which are important regulatory stipulations is meant for which sector?
a. Insurance
b. Banking
c. Micro finance
d.  pension funds

4. The monetary and credit policy of India is the responsibility of which of the following?
a. Planning Commissions
b. Finance Ministry
c. RBI
d. National Advisory Council

5. Electronic clearing services is a payment facility for customers. Which of the following provide this facility?
a. RBI
b. SBI
c. Cooperative banks
d. Finance ministry

6. Financial inclusion is meant for - 
a. Less privileged persons
b. Senior citizens
c. Micro finance institutions
d. All the above

7. Systematic Investment Plans are a facility by which of the following?
a. Mutual funds
b. Life insurance companies
c. Commercial banks
d. Post office savings schemes

8. Which of hte following lending is considered as a priority sector loan?
a. Loan for purchase of gold for marriage of daughter
b. Car loan
c. Housing loan
d. Loan for purchase of tractor

9. Euro money is the official currency of -
b. UN
c. European Union
d. Germany and England

10. Whose signature appears on Indian Rs. 100 note?
a. Finance Minister
b. RBI Governor
c. RBI Dy. GOvernor
d. Chairman, Planning Commission

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