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Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz : Part - 12

Published on Sunday, July 17, 2016
1. Banks are authorized to sell third party products. Which are these products?
a. Mutual funds
b. Term deposits
c. Credit cards
d. Gift cheques

2. Which of the following identifies as a Foreign exchange transaction?
a. Payment through international debit cards
b. Purchase of foreign currency
c. Negotiating inland bills of exchange
d. All the above

3. When RBI raises the Cash reserve Ratio rate what action are the banks required to take?
a. They have to deposit additional money with RBI as reserve money
b. Banks are required to increase their lending to the priority sector
c. Banks also increase their lending and deposit rates
d. All the above

4. Almost all banks in India are providing special schemes for providing banking services to the rural poor. What is this concept known as?
a. Trade finance
b. Investment banking
c. Priority sector loaning
d. Financial inclusion

5. RBI has sold its entire stake except 1 percent in which of the following organizations?
d. National Housing Bank

6. Organization of workers in which of the following ways has proved to be effective in providing micro finance by banks and financial institutions to the rural poor?
a. Shiksha sevaks
b. Self help groups
c. Link workers
d. Chit fund members

7. Bank rate as fixed by RBI means -
a. Rate of interest charges by banks from borrowers
b. Rate of interest on bank deposits
c. Rate of interest charged by RBI on its loans to banks
d. Rate of interest on inter bank loans

8. Increase in remittances from non- resident Indian suggest - 
a. Increase in the balance of payments deficit in India
b. Reduces the balance of payments deficit in India
c. Has on effect on the balance of payments position
d. None of the above

9. Which one of the following does not qualify as priority sector lending by commercial banks?
a. Software exports
b. Small business loans
c. Education loans
d. Small industries loan

10. Which of the following is not a method of credit control?
a. Cash reserve ratio
b. Open market operations
c. Credit deposit ratio
d. Bank rate policy

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