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Banking And Financial Awareness Quiz : Part - 13

Published on Tuesday, July 19, 2016
1. The Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act as present is not applicable to -
a. Public sector banks
b. Private banks
c. Non- banking financial companies 
d. Financial institutes of the government 

2. Which of the following rates is decided by the market conditions and not by RBI?
a. Bank rate
b. SLR
c. CRR
d. Inflation rate

3. Loans and advances given to the poor and weaker sections by banks are known as - 
a. Agricultural lending
b. Retail lending
c. SME financing 
d. Priority sector lending

4. Central Bank ofa county is also known as the -
a. Federal bank
b. Chief Commercial Bank
c. Banker of banks         
d. Lead Bank

5. Basel committee recommendations concerns - 
a. Space research
b. Micro finance
c. Banking
d. Insurance

6.Which of the following is the short form of the organization which provides credit guarantee to exporters?

7. Which of the following is the most important component of the liabilities of commercial banks?
a. Time deposits
b. Demand deposits
c. Inter bank liabilities
d. Other borrowings

8. The primary role of NABARD is - 
a. Lending to farmers
b. Agricultural research
c. Development of agriculture
d. Refinance against agriculture finance

9. What is meant by a stale cheque? 
a. A cheque which is lost or stolen
b. A cheque which is more than three months old from the date of the cheque
c. A cheque which is defaced/ mutilated
d. A cheque from an account which is closed 

10. If interest is paid at quarterly rests instead of annually on a two years term deposit will the maturity amount be - 
a. More
b. Less
c. Equal
d. Calculation not possibe

11. Banks are required to open 'no frills' account. What are these accounts?
a. Accounts with zero or very nominal balances
b. Accounts meant only for rural areas
c. Accounts in the name if more than one person
d. Accounts in which interest is not to be paid 

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