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Detect Grammatical Mistakes : Part - 5

Published on Sunday, July 24, 2016
english grammar

(a) It is the last will to your mother
(b) that you should
(c) perform well
(d) No error

(a) she came out
(b) and hanged the lamp
(c) by the wall
(d) No error

(a) In the back side
(b) of our house
(c) we have a rock garden
(d) No error

(a)  Ask the manager to call me
(b) when he
(c) will come back
(d) No error

(a) The guard told us
(b) the library was not opened
(c) to the public on Sunday
(d) No error

(a) Long car journeys
(b) are even less pleasant
(c) for it is quite impossible to read even
(d) No error

(a) The DM declined the invitation 
(b) not because he did not want come 
(c) but because he has no time
(d) No error

(a) Kindly confirm by letter and telephone
(b) that you will be able to 
(c) attend the interview
(d) No error

(a) The arrested officer
(b) vehemently refused
(c) the allegation that he had taken bribes
(d) No error

(a) If I were the groom's uncle
(b) I would not attend
(c) the wedding
(d) No error

(a) My wife says that 
(b) she reads novels
(c) to pass away the time
(d) No error

(a) he left for his native village on Friday 
(b) arriving there
(c) on Sunday
(d) No error

(a) No sooner did she
(b) enter the drawing room
(c) the guests started clapping
(d) No error

(a) His rigid behavior is
(b) nothing else
(c) than pride
(d) No error

(a) To the ordinary man
(b) it is monotonous
(c) tolerably only from a distance
(d) No error

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