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Errors Spotting in English language - 4

Published on Wednesday, July 06, 2016
find grammar errors

Directions :

In each of the following questions,find out which part of the sentence has no error. if there is no mistake, the answer is "No error'.

1. We did  the job (a) / as good as we could (b) / however it did not turn out to be  satisfactory (c) / No error (d).

2. One of the members (a) / expressed doubt if (b) / the minister was an atheist (c) / No error (d).

3. Can I lend (a) / your pencil (b) /  for a minute please ? (c) / No error (d).

4. You are  the man (a) / who is held (b) / in high esteem by  by everybody (c) / No error (d).

5. Experience has taught me (a) / not to ignore any man, high or low  (b) / not to ignore  anything  great or small (c)/ No error. (d).

6. Even many people (a) / carry an infection (b) /  without  showing its symptoms (c)./ No error (d).

7. The higher  we climb (a)/ up the  mountain peak, (b)/ the cooler  (c) / we feel (d) / No error (d).

8. While luminaries of the dance world (a) /  have dearth of opportunities  to display their art , (b)/  upcoming  dancers sufferfrom (c)/ an unfortunate  lack of exposure (d) / No error (d).\

9. I will spend (a) / my remaining life (b) / in the village (c) / No error (d).

10. Each  cigarette  which (a) / a person  smokes (b) /  does some (c) / harm to him (d). / No error (e).

11. students should work (a) / hard in order  to (b) / build their  carrier (c)/  No error (d).

12. Like the Commission  (a) / has recommended in its report, (b) /  the rules need to be (c) / enforced  more strictly (d). / No error (e).

13. The book is making (a) / waves and the sale (b)/ is quite brisk in  (c) / all major cities (d). /No error (e).

14. My brother has been (a) / living in America (b) /with his  family (c) / for the past ten years (d). /No error (e).

15. With the advancement of winter (a) / The days grow shorter (b) / while the nights grow longer (c) / No error (d).


1. Replace ' good' by 'well'

2. Replace ' if ' by 'that'

3. Replace 'lend' by 'borrow' .Borrow means 'taking  something  from someone' and lend means 'giving something to someone '.

4. Replace ' everybody '  by 'all'

5. Replace 'great' by 'big'

6. Replace 'even' by 'often'

7. Remove 'peak'. 'peak'  is the highest point of a mountain .So it  correct to say that  we climbed  up the mountain , not  mountain  peak.

8. Add 'no' before 'dearth'

9. Replace 'my remaining life'  by 'the rest of my life'

10. Replace ' each' by 'every'

11.Replace ' carrier' by 'career'. 'Carrier' is something that carries

12. Replace ' like'  by 'as'

13. Replace ' quite' by 'very'

14. Replace 'past' by 'last'

15. Replace ' advancement' by 'advent'

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