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Fill In the blanks : English Grammar Series

Published on Sunday, July 31, 2016
fill in the blanks
1. The railway station was _______ (plunge) into darkness.
a. plunging
b. plunged
c. plunger
d. plunges

2. The bus was _______ (tear) apart by the bomb blast.
a. tear away
b. tearing
c. tears
d. torn

3. The meeting witnesses _________ (tumult) scenes.
a. tumulting
b. tumultuous
c. tumulted
d. tumults

4. The soldiers are required to observe total ______ (comply) of rules.
a. complying
b. complied
c. compliance
d. complies

5. Her claims to leadership have been amply _______ (just).
a. justify
b. justified
c. justifies
d. justifying

6. Her life is _______ (price) for her parents.
a. priced
b. prices
c. precious
d. priceful

7. Their entire future ______ (hang) on the result of this examination which will be announeed tomorrow.
a. hanging
b. hanged
c. hangs
d. hung

8. The recent earthquake is _______ (compare) to the one we had last year.
a. comparable
b. comparing
c. comparison
d. comparence

9. The bell ________ (ring) at regular intervals.
a. rings
b. rung
c. ringing
d. ringed

10. It is necessary to submit the _______ (apply) on time. 
a. applicable
b. application
c. applied
d. applying

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