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General Awareness Quiz for SBI PO Mains - 2

Published on Monday, July 11, 2016
sbi gk
Ques 1. Which country has been named as having the most competitive economy internationally as per would Economic Forum ?
Ques 2. what is the percentage of gross non-performing assets in public-sector banks as on 31st Mar'15 ?

Ques 3. China's share in AIIB is 30.85% whereas of India 's it is'
Ques 4. Which would be the base currency for BRICS Development Bank ?
Ques 5. In $100bn Contingency Reserve Arrangement ,China's contribution will be for $41bn & S. africa for %bn, whereas of Brazil, India & Russia's will be
Ques 6. How many times in a year ,the excess bond holding can be transferred from the HTM to HFT ?
Ques 7. When is considered there is a gain on real Estate ?
Ques 8. As per IMF the largest economics in the world in terms of PPP
Ques 9. Moody's India's credit rating outlook raised from Stable to Positive as
Ques 10. Which term shows the borrowing of the Government ?
Ques 11. RBI has paid the highest dividend to the Govt in the last 80 years , which was
Ques 12. What is Currency swap agreement ?
Ques 13. The clearing & settlement in agency exclusively for Govt securities market is
Ques 14.How many days are required in India to start a business
Ques 15.How much of the 3 years average profits, he companies have to give under new Company Bill for Corporate Social Responsibilities ?
Ques 16. 20th Nationalized Bank of india is ....
Ques 17. Malaysia has proposed to invest #30 billion in India for ?
Ques 18. Which stock exchange has the highest value of share trading in the world ?
ques 19. RBI's half yearly Report is also known as
Ques 20. How many members's nations are there in AIIB ?
Ques 21. GDP forecast for India by the IMF for the year 2016 is 7.5% whereas for china it is ....
Ques 22. What LCR has been fixed for the Banks by RBI ?
Ques 23. Whats is the CAR for new Banks ?
Ques 24. As per Global Monitoring Report , the Global Poverty Line is
Ques 25. RBI recently notified that Term Deposits of Rs and below must have premature withdrawal facility?

Solutions :

1. Switzerland 

2. 5.17 %

3. 10.4%

4. US Dollar

5. $18 billion by each Nation 

6. Three

7. When sold with Profit with 3 year is called a short Term Gain, and when  more than 3 years is called a long term gain 

8. 1st china m,. 2nd  USA , 3rd India

9. Baa3

10. Fiscal  deficit 

11. Rs .66000 cr

12. It exists to assist  countries during periods of tight liquidity or balance of payments & liquidity  crisis.

13. CCIL

14. 29 days

15. 2%

16. Bhandhan  Bank

17.  urban Development

18. Shanghai Stock Exchange of China  with 30 trillion US$( In BSE $94BN)

19. Financial Stability  Report

20. 57

21. 6 .30%

22. 60%

23. 12%

24. $1.90 per day 

25. 15 lakhs

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