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General Awareness Quiz - Set 44

Published on Sunday, July 03, 2016
1. Which of the following is one of the seven wonders of Medieval World?
a) Hanging Gardens of Babylon
b) Taj Mahal
c) Leaning Tower of Pisa
d) Pyramids of Egypt

2. The Eendu newspapers is published from
a) Orissa
b) Kerala
c) Karnataka
d) Andhra Pradesh 

3. Which among the following Indian Universities has been named after former Prime Minister Choudhary Charan Singh?
a) Agra University
b) Kanpur University
c) Meerut University
d) Lucknow University 

4. In May 1993, which of the following countries underwent the first ever multi party elections in the presence of U.N. transitional authority?
a) Pakistan
b) Afganistan
c) Cambadia
d) Panama 

5. Which of the monuments figured in the news in connection with a fall of some of its parts and its consequent archaeological conversation?
a) Sun Temple, Konark
b) Chaunsat Yogini Temple, Bheraghat
c) Jagannath Temple, Puri
d) Khandariya Mahadeva Temple, Khajuraho 

6. The conspiracy angle, of Rajiv Gandhi murder is being probed by
a) Mirdha Commission
b) Chelliah Commission
c) Jain Commission
d) Rangarajan Commission 

7. White Flag is the symbol of
a) Peace
b) War
c) Surrender or Truce
d) Friendship 

8. Which of the following are specialised agencies of the United Nations?
a) International Labour Organisation
b) International Monetary Fund
c) World Health Organisation
d) All the above 

9. In which year ‘Human Rights Resolution’ was adopted by the UN?
a) 1945
b) 1946
c) 1947
d) 1948 

10. The headquarters of UN is located in
a) Geneva
b) Rome
c) New York
d) Washington DC 


1. c) Leaning Tower of Pisa
2. d) Andhra Pradesh
3. c) Meerut University
4. c) Cambadia
5. c) Jagannath Temple, Puri
6. c) Jain Commission
7. c) Surrender or Truce
8. d) All the above
9. a) 1945
10. c) New York 

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