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General Awareness Quiz - Set 47

Published on Wednesday, July 06, 2016
1. When was atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima?
a) 1945
b) 1955
c) 1961
d) 1900

2. The first venture of Gandhi in all India politics was the
a) Dandi March
b) Champaran Movement
c) Rowlatt Satyagraha
d) Non-cooperation movement 

3. During the reign of which of the following was the National Congress banned?
a) Lord Linlithgo
b) Lord Wilingdon
c) Lord Irwin
d) Lord Reading 

4. The first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter?
a) Juno
b) Galileo Probe
d) New Horizons 

5. When did the French Revolution take place?
a) 1789
b) 1689
c) 1879
d) 1798 

6. International Mountain Day is observed on _________.
a) 11th December
b) 13th September
c) 15th February
d) 28th August 

7. The Headquarters of Universal Post Union is at
a) Rome
b) Geneva
c) Bem
d) New York 

8. To be qualified for the position of the President of India, a person must be a citizen of India, completed ________ years of age.
a) 18
b) 35
c) 25
d) 45 

9. ______________ is known as father of Botany.
a) Fredic Meischer
b) Theophrastus
c) Lamarck
d) Watson 

10. _________________ and __________________ are the main gases present in the sun.
a) Hydrogen and Oxygen
b) Hydrogen and Helium
c) Oxygen and Nitrogen
d) Nitogen and Helium 


1. a) 1945
2. c) Rowlatt Satyagraha
3. b) Lord Wilingdon
4. b) Galileo Probe
5. a) 1789
6. a) 11th December
7. c) Bem
8. b) 35
9. b) Theophrastus
10. b) Hydrogen and Helium 

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