General Awareness Quiz - Set 63

1. Anti-freeze is a mixture of
a) acetic acid and water
b) formic acid and water
c) methyl alcohol and water
d) ethyl alcohol and water 

2. Air-pockets that cause aircraft to lose altitude suddenly are caused by
a) dense cloud cover
b) poor visibility
c) temperature inversions
d) intense low pressure in valleys that suck in air 

3. Acid rain can cause
a) destruction of crops and trees
b) destruction of fish
c) damage to buildings
d) All the above 

4. The ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from
a) visible radiations
b) infra-red rays
c) ultraviolet radiations
d) cosmic rays 

5. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
a) Force
b) Momentum
c) Temperature
d) Energy 

6. Which of the following contains cobalt?
a) Vitamin B12
b) Vitamin K
c) Chlorophyll
d) Haemoglobin 

7. Which of the following is paired correctly?
a) Lysosomes - Hereditary characters
b) Xylem - Vascular tissue
c) Heavy water - Allotropic form of carbon
d) Graphite - Deuterium oxide 

8. A person feels difficulty in breathing on entering into an underground storage of wheat grains. This is likely due to the increased concentration of
a) Moisture
b) N2
c) CO2
d) floating dust particles 

9. Electrolytes are
a) acids and salts only
b) acids and bases only
c) bases and salts only
d) acids, bases and salts 

10. Which of the following is the non-conventional source of energy?
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Biogas
d) None of these 


1.d) ethyl alcohol and water
2.d) intense low pressure in valleys that suck in air
3.d) All the above
4.c) ultraviolet radiations
5.a) Force
6.a) Vitamin B12
7.b) Xylem - Vascular tissue
8.c) CO2
9.d) acids, bases and salts
10.c) Biogas 


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