General Awareness Quiz - Set 65

1. “India for the Indians” was the political message of
a) D.E. Wacha
b) Vivekanand
c) Dayanand
d) Hume

2. Of the following who was not the leader of the Extremists?
a) Lokamanya Tilak
b) Aurobindo Ghose
c) Lala Lajpat Rai
d) Hume 

3. Railway passenger coaches are manufactured at
a) Varanasi
b) Chittaranjan
c) Perambur
d) Kolkata 

4. The first river valley project started in India is
a) Bhakra-Nangal Project
b) Damodar Vally Project
c) Kosi Project
d) Hirakud Project

5. Panchayati Raj was introduced in the country in
a) 1957
b) 1952
c) 1951
d) 1959

6. An ohm is a unit of
a) potential difference
b) resistance
c) current
d) all the above 

7. Cholesterol is
a) a carbohydrate
b) a protein
c) a lipid
d) a hormone 

8. The Capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in
a) 1908
b) 1909
c) 1910
d) 1911 

9. What does IRA stand for?
a) Irish Republican Army
b) Irish Republican Association
c) Independent Republic’s Army
d) Inshue Republican Army 

10. International Women’s Day is observed on
a) 28th February
b) 3rd March
c) 5th March
d) 8th March 


1. c) Dayanand
2. d) Hume
3. c) Perambur
4. b) Damodar Vally Project
5. d) 1959
6. b) resistance
7. c) a lipid
8. d) 1911
9. a) Irish Republican Army
10. d) 8th March 


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