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General Awareness Quiz - Set 66

Published on Monday, July 25, 2016
1. Who is the author of ‘Godan’?
a) Bhishma Sahani
b) Premchand
c) Monohar Shyam Joshi
d) Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

2. In which year did Bastille fall on 14th of July?
a) 1879
b) 1789
c) 1787
d) None of them

3. World's tallest building is
a) Effiel Tower
b) Burj Khalifa
c) Statue of Liberty
d)  Qutub Minar

4. Which one among the following is a water soluble vitamin?
a) Vitamin C
b) Vitamin A
c) Vitamin E
d) Vitamin K 

5. Who among the following was a contemporary of Chingiz Khan?
a) Mahmud of Ghazni
b) Iltutmish
c) Alauddin Khilji
d) Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq 

6. Vays Samman is given for excellence in the field of
a) Literature
b) Science
c) Dance
d) Economics 

7. The term ‘gene’ was coined by
a) Wilhelm Johannsen
b) G. Mendel
c) Louis Pasteur
d) D. Vrie 

8. Who was the first amongst the following women to receive the Jnanpith Award?
a) Mahashweta Devi
b) Mahadevi Verma
c) Amrita Pritam
d) Ashapurna Devi 

9. ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom and let a thousand schools of thought contend’ was said by
a) Lenin
b) Karl Marx
c) Tolstoy
d) Mao Tse-Tung 

10. What is the full form of USB in case of computers?
a) Universal Security Block
b) Universal Serial Bus
c) Universal Software Barrier
d) Universal stage Base 


1. b) Premchand
2. b) 1789
3. b) Burj Khalifa
4. a) Vitamin C
5. b) Iltutmish
6. a) Literature
7. a) Wilhelm Johannsen
8. d) Ashapurna Devi
9. d) Mao Tse-Tung
10. b) Universal Serial Bus 

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