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Indian History Quiz for SSC CGL Part - 1

Published on Friday, August 05, 2016
indian history quiz
1. Where did the revolt of 1857 outbreak?

2. Under which Act did the office of Secretary of State came into existence?

3. Who authored "Satyarth Prakash"?

4. Who was the leader of temple entry movement?

5. Which Indian Leader proposed "Drain Theory" to explain the British exploitation of India?

6. At which congress session was "swaraj" declared as the goal if INC?

7. Name the freedom fighter who published a weekly named " Yugantar" in Bengal.

8. Name the leer who led swadeshi boycott movement?

9. Where was the headquarter of Gadar party located?

10. Which hunger strike was Gandhi' s first one?
11. Who was the leader of Chittagong armory raid done in 1930?

12. In which session of INC was the resolution for demand of "poorna swaraj" passed?


1. Meerut (sepoys under the leadership of Mangal Pandey revolted against the British officials)

2. GVT. of India Act 1858.

3. Dayanand Sarasvati (Arya Samaj)  

4. Shri Narayan Guru

5. Dadabhai Naoroji

6. Al kolkata session in 1906 under Dadabhai Naoroji

7. Virendra kumar (Anushilan samiti)

8. Bal gangadhar tilak

9. San Francisco

10. Ahmedabad mill strike (1918)

11. Surya Sen (Kalpana dutt was the supporter)

12. Lahore session in 1929, president was JL Nehru

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