Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL : Part - 2

indian polity quiz

1. Which articles deals with the Right if minorities to establish and administer educational institutions?

2. Which fundamental right is enforceable against private individuals individuals and organizations also?

3. Which part of the Indian constitutions directs the state of follow socialist and gandhian principles in its various activities?

4. When president refers an ordinary or financial bill to parliament for its reconsideration then it is called

5. Name the article which confers on the president of India the power to grant pardon, reprieve, respite, remission and commutation of punishment.
6. Vice president of India draws his salary as

7. Who is the first law officer of the country?
8. What is the minimum age for being elected as the member of rajya sabha?

9. Who conducts the both of officer for newly elected lok sabha members and presides over the election of the speaker of lok sabha?

10. By which type of majority can the following bills be passed:
a. Ordinary bill
b. money bill
c. financial bill
d. constitutional amendment bill

11. How can the money be withdrawn from Consolidated Fund of India (Article 266)?

12. What kind of majority is required for the removal of judge of SC?


1. ART 30

2. Right against untouchability and exploitation

3. Part 4(DPSP)

4. Suspensive Veto

5. Art 72 (judicially reviewable)

6. President (in case he is acting as president in the absence of president) or as chairman of Rajya Sabha (not as VP of India)

7. Attorney general

8. 30 years

9. Protem speaker (appointed by president, oath of office conducted by PM)

10. a. Simple majority in both the houses 
b. Simple majority (in lok sabha)
c. Simple majority
d. Both houses sitting separately by a majority of 2/3 of members present and voting and majority of total membership of houses

11. Money can be withdrawn by executive with the prior sanction of parliament

12. majority of not less than 2/3 of members present and voting and by majority of total strength of the house.

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