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Missing Information - Data Interpretation Set for SBI PO Mains

Published on Saturday, July 30, 2016
sbi po
Study the Instructions and table carefully to answer the given question :Note

(1) Few data are missing (indicated by --) in the table and you are expected to calculate them from the available data if required.

(2) There are in total 8 destinations (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII). If a car has to go from one destination to another destination it will have to travel through in between destinations. For ex. If car A travels from destination I to IV. it will have to travel through destinations II and III

(3) Time required column depicts time required by a car mentioned in the same row to cover the distance between destinations mentioned in the same row.

Name of
the Car
Speed of the
Car (In Kmph)
Distance between
destinations (In Km)
Time Required
(In hours)
A 77 Between I and II = 188 --
B -- Between II and III = 254 5 12/23
C -- Between III and IV = 228 5 1/3
D -- Between IV and V =162 6
E 36 Between V and VI = -- 8 2/3
F 22 Between VI and VII= -- 6 7/11
G 42 Between VII and VIII= -- 4 1/3

1. What is the respective ratio of the distance between destinations IV and VII and the distance between destinations V and VIII ? a. 19 : 22
b. 29 : 34
c. 33 : 38
d. 31 : 32
e. 29 : 30

2. Car H covered distance between destination IV and V at a speed of 18kmph and the distance between destination V and VI at a speed of 60 kmph. What was its average speed in the journey ? ( approx inkmph) a. 39
b. 58
c. 32
d. 29
e. 27

3. Car A started from Destination I towards Destination V at 5 00 am. Car D started from Destination V towards Destination I at the same time At what time will they meet ? a.11 am
b.1 pm
c.1.45 pm
d.10.30 am
e.12.30 am 

4. How much time will Car B take to cover the distance between destinations I and VIII ? (in hours) a. 35
b. 37
c. 26
d. 32
e. 28 

5. If H ‘ s speed 10 more than than many hours early than to reach a destination from I to VIII( approximately) ?a .4 hrs
b. 2 hrs
c. 5 hrs
d. 1 hrs
e. 6 hrs


1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. b


According to the given information
Useful formulas is
d=s×t , t=d/s ; d=distance , t=time , s=speed
two cars or trains are moving to opposite towards eachother the time take they meet is =(total distance)/(sum of the speeds)
Distance Between V and VI= 36× 8 2/3
= 36×26/3=312 km
Between VI and VII=22×6 7/11
=73×22/11= 146 km
Between VII and VIII=42×13/3= 182 km
1. c distance between destinations IV and V=162
distance between destinations VII and VIII=182
ratio is 162 : 182 è81:91

2. a t =distance b\w IV and V/speed
=162/18=9 hrs
t= distance b\w V and VI/speed
=312/60=5 1/5 hrs
Avg speed= total dis/total time
=474/(9+5 1/5)
Approximately 39 kmph

3. b t=( total distance I to V) /(sum of speeds of A&D)
total dis=(188+254+228+162)=832 km
D ‘s speed=162/6=27 kmph
total speeds=77+27=104 kmph
time taken by they meet=832/104= 8 hrs
that means they at 1 pm (5 am +8 hrs=1pm)

4.d Total distance b\w =188+254+228+162+312+146+182
=1472 km
B’s speed=254/ 5 12/23
=46 kmph
Time taken by B to travel I to VIII=1472/46=32 hrs

5.b Total distance I to VIII =1472
Time taken by to reach I to VIII= 1472/77=19.11
H’s speed =77+10=87
Time taken by to reach I to VIII=1472/87=16.88
So H reach destination 2 hrs early than A (approx)
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